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Be in demand

We help individuals gain valuable experience and the required credentials to work in the Aerodrome environment and/or as a security professional.

Prepare for employment

Skills trained for include:

  • Appearance and conduct in the workplace

  • Challenges to communication – verbal and non-verbal

  • Managing uncooperative individuals

  • Personal safety and identifying hazards

  • Problem solving and interpersonal leadership

Develop occupational skills

The courses offered in this program will introduce job-specific skills in areas of applying for RAIC, general knowledge of Terminal and Airfield Operations, what is required to operate equipment and vehicles airside, and radio communications skills required for Airside and Terminal Operations.

Get work experience placements

Participants are partnered with service providers at YYC. APPS identifies opportunities for practicums and hiring upon successful completion of the program. Additional skills or training requirements of organizations that agree to participate will be added to the proposed curriculum when necessary.

What we do

Recruitment management

APPS recruits individuals interested in working in the security and/or airline industry such as:

  • Baggage handlers

  • Maintenance and service staff

  • Customer service representatives

  • Aircraft fueling/de-icing personnel

  • Construction and maintenance personnel

  • Security personnel

Training academy

Become an industry member and access online and classroom training courses offered by:

  • International Association of Airport Executives Canada (IAAE),

  • Canadian Aviation Security Awareness Program,

  • Alberta Basic Security Guard Training (ABST)

  • Cyber Security Courses and Certification 

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